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Thread: Virus in System Restore?

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    Cyber 14 Guest

    Default Virus in System Restore?

    Hi all,

    Yesterday, after starting up my computer and leaving for a while, I came back to find that ZoneAlarm had quarantined the virus "". The wierd thing was that it was in system restore and nowhere else. A super scan confirmed this. I don't remember this virus ever appearing on my machine in any other place in the past. Could it have been an internet temp file that was deleted, but not before being logged into restore with the rest of the system?

    Anyone have any idea how this could have gotten in past ForceField's virtual browser? I'm always careful about where I surf and what I download, and browser virtualization always seemed pretty airtight to me, unless this file was an FF virtual decoy temp file that was archived with restore.

    Should I be worried that this got through?

    Thirdly, can viruses run out of restore? I don't remember if it came up due to a scheduled scan or because it was trying to make a move. I don't remember having a scheduled scan that morning, although they can get backed up as I don't use that computer too often. Or does on-access scanning pick up any file that is blatantly a virus, regardless of if it has made a move or not?

    Finally, anyone have any info on this virus? How it spreads ect. I can't find much online.


    Peace out and God bless.
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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Virus in System Restore?

    I can't comment on HOW you got the virus.
    But the important thing now is to get rid of the system resore points since they will reinfect you when/if you restore to some point. So disable the system restore, reboot, enable it back. This process will get rid of ALL system restore points. I think CCleaner permits you to delete SOME restore points, not sure.
    No, virus can't run directly from system restore. But I can't be 100% sure. A hacker might somehow get at it and use it ... maybe.

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