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Thread: [SOLVED] Really need help DCOM Exploit issue

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    Default [SOLVED] Really need help DCOM Exploit issue

    Hi I am new to using ZA free I have been receiving DCOM Exploit warnings from my antivirus and am trying to find out what to do.

    I will attach images at the end of this.

    I'm running XP with service pack 3 installed and there are a number of programs that are being allowed on both the Acess and Server end in ZA under the programs section that were made by the program without me making any adjustments and I am questioning a number of the being allowed these type of access.

    Also I checked Sheilds Up and am finding all ports Stealth except 135 its open
    the last time I did a test it was in the blue which meant neither open or stealth this was before using ZA just using Windows firewall I also may have been using a router but am no longer as it was causing serious computer issues for my machine.

    I need some help on what to do with my problem as it stands it is not good and aside from disconnecting from the internet all together what can I do to secure this port and stop Avast from throwing up these exploit attempts, I'm running Avast 5.0 Pro.

    * I looked up the IP address trying to gain access and it's a chinese one.
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