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Thread: ZES on XP with 512 MB of RAM Constantly Updating -- And very, very slow

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    zamad Guest

    Angry ZES on XP with 512 MB of RAM Constantly Updating -- And very, very slow

    I upgraded from ZIS to ZES about 4 months ago. I am using

    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security version
    TrueVector security engine version
    Driver Version
    Anti-virus/Anti-spyware engine version, DAT file version 1019623648
    AntiSpam version
    ZoneAlarm ForceField

    I am running Windows XP with SP3 and have 512 MB of RAM.

    ZIS was fine, but ZES is a nightmare. It has really bogged the machine
    down and, at times, it takes a minute even to open a simple folder.
    But the most irritating thing is the updates running all the time even
    though I have set it to update once in 24 hours. When the update is
    running, I cannot do a thing ... and it takes about 15 min to run.
    This means I can only work in 15 min intervals!

    Further, the updates run only when I am working!! They never seem
    to run when the machine is sitting down idle.

    Further, why should updates take that long on a broadband connection?

    I have seen this same complaint made a few years back in archives.
    But, no solution was posted anywhere.

    Is there any way around this? I am pretty close to calling it quits
    as everything takes almost twice as long as it should.

    Thanks ...

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