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    Default Confusing Advertising

    The ZoneAlarm Antivirus product is advertising on the packaging as antivirus with a firewall and antispyware. When I'm running the program the interface says I'm protected and that I have an antivirus/antispyware engine. However when I as instructed by the interface click on the "Verify you are running all necessary protection on this computer", I get the message that my protection does not include antispyware protection. When I click on the Windows Action Center to find out what antispyware I have, the Windows Action Center lists Windows Defender and Lavasoft Ad-Aware but not ZoneAlarm Antivirus. What's the deal? Do I have antispyware protection from ZoneAlarm or not?
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    Default Re: ZA Anti-Virus includes anti-spyware scanning

    ZA Anti-virus engine will scan for both virus and spyware. Windows will not recognize that aspect; and is not really a concern. WAC will recognzie a "limited" number of stand-alone anti-spyware but not all. ZA's 'verify you are running...I get the message that my protection does not include antispyware protection' is a minor 'glitch/ error' - you can ignore it.

    Many of today's most popular brands of anti-virus software will both scan for traditional virus and will include some sort of anti-spyware in the same scanning engine.

    You have Defender and Ad-Aware - this is sufficient for your needs. [ I'm assuming WAC does recognize ZA's anti-virus]
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