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Thread: adding my printer's LAN IP Address to ZA Free

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    martinmiller Guest

    Default adding my printer's LAN IP Address to ZA Free

    I have been having a problem with, but it is not the same as you. I'm adding the information about here since this thread is open.

    Specifically whenever I try to manually "Check for product updates" by clicking on the "Check for Update" button under Preference a dialog box titled "Update Progress" appears but says "Error: Unable to connect to update server". Before that another dialog titled "Check for Update" appears very briefly saying "Connecting to ..."

    This use to work when I have version installed.

    Anyone else having this problem -- any solutions out there?

    I'm consider downgrading to to see if it works any better. That's the latest version mentioned on their Release History page...

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    martinmiller Guest

    Default Re: Since I installed ZoneAlarm Free I have been having problems p...

    Sorry about my previous off-topic post...

    Regarding your network printer problem. I have a similar issue long ago and solved it by adding my printer's LAN IP Address ( in my case) to the Firewall | Zones list in the ZoneAlarm Control Panel. Note: For this to work I also had to set the printer up to always use this fixed IP address on the network (rather than dynamically assigning one via DHCP).

    Hope that helps.
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