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Thread: Zonealarm Toolbar Add-ons: Disabling

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    potterd Guest

    Question Zonealarm Toolbar Add-ons: Disabling

    There are two add-ons related to the Toolbar and when you disable, Zonealarm gives you the option to disable the toolbar or the toolbar and the registrar. Does anyone know what functionality is associated with the Registrar and/or the difference between disabling just the toolbar or the toolbar + the registrar ?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Zonealarm Toolbar Add-ons: Disabling

    'Forcefield Toolbar Registrar' is a BHO and 'ForceField Toolbar' is the toolbar: they both work in conjunction wth each other for proper functioning of this feature. They may also be called "TrustCheckerIEPlugin.dll" with some other monitoring utilities.

    For more info on BHO - click here >

    Both should be 'enabled' or both 'dis-abled.' In IE8 if you disable one, both become dis-abled; enable one - both become enabled.
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