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    The update info said that version 9 would do a scan in 80 percent of the former time. Before the update, a scan took two hours; after, it took one hour and 55 minutes. No real difference.

    Program settings are currently: Scan targets are Local disk (C: and D: drives). Scan mode is super scan, and in smart mode. Scan options: Skip if great than 8 MB and all options chosen. No virus treatment exceptions.

    I am running Vista Home Premium with service pack 2, on a 1.00GHz dual core laptop with 3GB RAM.

    Two questions:
    - Is it likely that the install went correctly and that the advertised reduction in time was referring to normal scans only?

    - My research has me daily checking out some unusual or little used websites -- would it be wise to make my weekly scan a deep scan rather than a normal scan? Part two: Should I be running a daily normal scan?

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    on successive scan it should be faster, this is were you get the 80% jump. Usually you should have the scan mode on "Quick Scan" (recommended) and the on-access scanning on "scan when reading and writing" (recommended). Unless you are not using 9.1.603

    No, you don't need to scan daily if you keep your ZA updated and always active. I would scan only monthly or six-monthly or in case of virus infections.


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