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Thread: [SOLVED] ZA installer cannot be validated -> Use zonelabs servers and not zonealarm

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    kritiker Guest

    Default Re: digital signature of this installer cannot be validated

    Several Points.

    1. I always have two partitions on my HDs for the OS, Only one is active at any time. The other is not mounted. I deleted one of these partitions and recreated it, made it the active C: partition and dismounted the other C: partition and then reinstalled the OS from a slip-streamed WinXP Pro SP3 CD into that fresh C: partition. After updating that installation of Win XP Pro I tried the ZAISS installer and it failed. So reinstalling with a fresh Windows install doesn't solve my problem, whatever my problem is.

    2. I had also tried it on my second (also Win XP Pro SP3) computer. It failed. I tried downloading it to a Mac and transferring it to my computer. It failed.

    3. Lastly, I just now tried downloading and running it on my daughter's Vista laptop. It failed, just as before.

    4. I may be the only one experiencing this problem but I am also experiencing it only with the most recent ZAISS downloads (9.1.507, 9.1.512 (German) and 9.1.603) and not my earlier ones.

    I am now "officially" puzzled.

    I am going to continue trying to find out what is wrong and maybe ZA Tech Support can shed some light on it based on the info I sent them but in the meantime I will have to live with the version of ZAISS tha I have installed, 9.1.008.

    Thanks again for all the help.

    Just to see what happens, I re-downloaded zaSuiteSetup_91_008_000_en.exe. The first try failed with a "An I/O error occurred while installing a file. This is normally caused by bad installer media or a corrupt installation file." eror message. The second attempt ran just fine. Not sure what this (or any of this) means.
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    kritiker Guest

    Default Re: digital signature of this installer cannot be validated

    I just finished another Live Chat session. After explaining that I got the same failure on three different computers (2 XP and 1 Vista) I was given a different link and this time the installer ran.

    The explanation was that "This is the same file we've been sending to you, but the address is instead of This uses a different DNS address, which can help the download process if you are having trouble downloading." and "It is very puzzling, I'm not sure exactly why this happens, but we've seen issues with DNS addresses cause this, which is why using '' instead of '' in the address seems to help.".
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    Default Re: digital signature of this installer cannot be validated

    Finally you found the solution...
    Will change the title of the thread and close it since the issue is resolved.

    Please PM me if you need to re-open it.

    Thank you,
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