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Thread: ZAISS used up 6 gigs each last 2 updates

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    bobsec Guest

    Default ZAISS used up 6 gigs each last 2 updates

    ZASS version 9.1.603.000
    True Vector Security engine 9.1.603.000
    Driver Version 9.1.522.000
    AV/AS version, DAT File version 1020378048
    Antispam version
    ZA Browser security
    Intel P4, Dell Dimension 8300 Windows XP SP3
    2nd computer(same issues) Intel core2 duo, home built, Win XP SP3
    Both use IE8

    I did the update to the version listed from 9.1.507.000 due to various slowing issues at startup and with Internet Explorer taking forever to load when opening. I noticed when the update to 9.1.507.000 occured a few months ago that ZA had used roughly 6 gigs of the harddrive for some reason. After doing the current update to 9.1.603.000 I again notice another 6 gigs used up. Why is this, and is there a way to recover that space? Should it have been doing this? I could really use the space back.
    Next questions, Is it essential for Forcefield to load at startup? I'm wondering if it is the reason for the agonizingly slow startups as it wasn't there previous to 9.1.507.000.
    What is "ZoneAlarm Toolbar IswSvc" in my Services menu of the System Configuration Utility?

    Finally, for now at least, Is there a way to copy the ZA version info from the ZA window preferences screen so I don't have to go back and forth typing it? I couldn't copy paste, or anything. I was able to ctrl + C and Ctrl +V to a word doc and shrink it to just the needed info, but this dialog boz won't let me repaste from Word to here.
    P.S. Unfortunately so far I still have the slow startups, and IE8 opening very slowly with 9.1.603.000 that I had with 9.1.507.000.

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    Default Re: ZAISS used up 6 gigs each last 2 updates

    6GIGA? No, not really normal.
    Best to contact ZA technical support and report the issue. Try to explain in detail the problem.
    Better you explain most likely they understand the issue.

    Link in my signature.


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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: ZAISS issues, how to copy/ paste

    Additional notes: "Finally, for now at least, Is there a way to copy the ZA version info from the ZA window preferences screen so I don't have to go back and forth typing it?"

    Yes, go to ZA tray icon bottom right; right click ZA tray icon > click "About..." > Copy to clipboard > OK > now when you post a message in ZA Forum simply > right click on the spot you want and 'Paste' the info of your ZA firewall.

    which will look like~

    ZASS version: 9.1.603.000
    True Vector Security engine: 9.1.603.000
    Driver Version: 9.1.522.000
    AV/AS version:, DAT File version 1020378048
    Antispam version:
    ZA Browser security:
    __________________________________________________ ____
    "What is "ZoneAlarm Toolbar IswSvc" - provides services used in your ZA Browser Security.

    Browser Security:
    Advanced Download Protection:
    - Detects the latest zero-day threats in downloads that you initiate-before they reach your computer
    - Includes heuristic analysis and program check
    - Can run and analyze download behavior in a virtual environment if necessary

    - Spy site detection
    - Signature and heuristic phishing detection
    - Website safety check and rating

    ZA Suite Release History Information >
    __________________________________________________ ___
    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite version 9.1.507.000
    Enhancements: Browser Security can now be turned off and on from within ZoneAlarm
    __________________________________________________ ___
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