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Thread: [WORKAROUND] ZA is blocking outbound ** --> Add IPs to the trusted zone

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    annb Guest

    Default [WORKAROUND] ZA is blocking outbound ** --> Add IPs to the trusted zone

    When I upgraded my ZoneAlarm firewall to 9.2.044 a message displayed indicated that invoking IE8 might be slow for a little while until ZA gets the settings in place. It's been 4 days now and I invoke IE quite often but the speed of bringing it up is still way too slow - unacceptably slow. I never had this with other ZA versions. What gives? I'm running Windows XP SP3.

    Can anything be done or must I move on to some other brand of firewall?

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    Default Re: Free firewall problem


    you may want to check with the offical ZA technical support at the link in my signature.

    Let us know about the progress...


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    Default Re: Free firewall problem


    In some older slower systems the Security tool bar ZA installed may slow IE down from loading.

    You can uninstall the security tool bar to see if it help your particular PC IE performance issue.

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    annb Guest

    Default Re: Free firewall problem

    I removed the toolbar after installing, or I think I did. It's not showing on IE; does that mean it's been removed?

    I did go to ZA tech support and opened a chat. I was given instructions to run MSCONFIG etc etc. Well, after following the instructions it didn't make any difference. The only time IE loaded quickly was when I disabled ZA. SO the problem is with this version of ZA. I've been using ZA for years and never had a problem with it before. Please advise about the toolbar. Thanks.

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    annb Guest

    Smile Re: Free firewall problem

    Well, I seem to have resolved it - it was the Anti-Phishing component. When I turned it off IE loaded quickly. Makes sense as I have alot of links on my homepage.

    Perhaps this should be communicated to tech Support to help all the others experiencing this problem!

    Appreciate your efforts!!

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    KimB Guest

    Default Re: Free firewall problem

    I've noticed IE 8 seems slow when I first use it, but in my case ZA is blocking which is Could it be that that computer is the one used for the phishing fliter and being blocked by ZA?

    EDIT: ZA also blocking on IE8 Startup:



    Windows xp sp3
    ZA free v9.2.044.000 (Smart defence set to manual.)
    IE8 8.0.6001.18702
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