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Thread: Superantispyware and ZA

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    Default Superantispyware and ZA

    For some reason I now get ZA pop up for Super every time I start .Despite ticking the ok box for always allow. Any way round this all other pop up warnings by ZA respond correctly

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    Default Re: Superantispyware and ZA

    Hi jaymac,

    You could try resetting the database.

    Please follow the steps below. Please note that this will remove your program permission settings, but re-establishing them is a simple process.

    1.) Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys together.
    2.) Right click on the ZA icon near your clock in the system tray lower right corner.
    3.) Choose 'Reset' from the box that comes up.
    4.) Choose Yes on the Reset Settings dialog box.
    5.) When prompted, choose OK to restart your system.
    6.) Follow the on screen configuration prompts after reboot.

    Let us know how it went.


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