This is my first ever post here; this topic has come up before but not, as far as I can find, the specific point that concerns me.

When I installed ZA Free 9.2 and went to GRC to check port status, I, like several other members, found that Port 135 was now open. Symantec reported likewise. It's been suggested that the way around this is to forbid svchost from acting as a server, but (i) this didn't work for me, (ii), it's never been necessary before and (iii) ZA specifically warns against doing this.

On reverting to ZA Free 9.1 there is no problem; nor was there a problem in using the Windows Firewall (SP3) between reinstallations. So why exactly is Port 135 showing as open under ZA 9.2 when it was not under ZA 9.1?

I am impressed by ZA 9.2 and would like to use it, but I won't feel safe about moving up from 9.1 until I can be sure that this open port isn't a problem.

Any advice or suggestions would be received most gratefully.