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Thread: Windows 7 / ZES 9.1.603.000 Performance Issue if on router SMC7004BR

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    Default Windows 7 / ZES 9.1.603.000 Performance Issue if on router SMC7004BR

    Equipment: router (SMC7004BR); HomeRun HD tuner; home-built system using ASUS/Intel ATOM 330 @1.6Ghz w/4GB RAM running Windows 7 Pro and ZES 9.1.603.000.

    Symptoms: Login desktop displays after 3-5 minute wait (black screen till desktop appears); applications taking excessive time to start after double-clicking application icon; login to desktop performance is normal when network cable is disconnected from router; router is not connected to internet and is used for DHCP on home PAN; noted 'ZES is starting' dialogue box appearing several times when performance is poor; and wasn't an issue with previous version of ZES (9.1.507.000)

    ZES firewall settings: Internet Zone set to High; Trusted Zone set to medium; enabled - gateway security check; not on a ICS/NAT network set; block all fragments set; allow VPN protocols set; filter 1394 traffic set; disable windows firewall set; IPv6 networking set; and ask which zone to place networks on detection set.

    1. Tried setting/unsetting IPv6 setting; no effect on poor performance.
    2. Replaced SMC router with LINKSYS WRT540GS wireless broadband router; turned off wireless access; and noted login to desktop performance appeared to be normal when connected to this router. Initially, placed router network to be treated like internet connection. I will continue to use this setup and watch for errors.

    Is there a IPv4 protocol version that isn't supported with ZES version 603?

    I want to continue to use the SMC router because it supports a dial-up backup connection to the internet (outgoing only, and is a security risk I know) if the WAN goes down. Does anyone have a 'clue' on what's wrong?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give.
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