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    PhilipF Guest

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    I have been using ZA for a long time now and been very very happy with it, so thanks for a wonderful product! But with the latest version I gather some things have been changed/added - now when I press Ctrl+shift+backspace which I use in a flight simulation game to move my view position in spot view I get taken to the desktop with an error reporting screen open. Is there any way that this feature can be disabled? I would like to continue using the latest version, but if this persists I am going to have to revert back to the older version...

    Thanks in advance,


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    Why don't you just change your keyboard configuration for the view position to ctr-alt-# or sth. similiar ? Wouldn't that be easy ?

    This combination brings a strange ZA message window up (ZA browser security has detected a problem with stability). I don't understand why this comes up, when pressing this key-combo.

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    PhilipF Guest

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    I probably could. But I am so used to the current key combination that I would prefer not to have to change it. But anyway, it seems to be some sort of a "force" error report tool - silly to have it triggered by a set of key combinations. Looks like I'll just have to revert back to an older version of ZA. Hardly use Windows for internet anyway - prefer the safety of a linux OS...


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    Thank you for pointing that out. Its been reported.

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    PhilipF Guest

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    Many thanks, hopefully this can be worked around.


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