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The amibroker (www.amibroker.com) is a powerful charting application. It takes realtime data feed from IQfeed via a plugin (www.iqfeed.net).

The historical data, is downloaded once, by the Amiboker through the IQFeed plugin. It is then saved in the amibroker (AB) database. As more real-time data comes-in, the data is captured and stored by the AB. I save the database and all settings before quitting the AB. While saving the data or after clicking a symbol after launching the application, I find the data for every symbol is reduced from a few MBs to 2-3 kbs. I then transfer the data from the backup to the database folder. When I lauch the application, after transfer from the backup, the application can open the historical data and download the recent data. But the database gets rewritten to a few KBs at the time of saving (most of the time) or when the AB is launched the following day. This happens ever time. With the help of AB support, we have tried all possibilities without any success.

The support says this could be an issue with Zonelarm as some users of AB/IQFeed have been complaining about similar problems in the past. The problem seems to be going away if the zonealarm is shut down. This problem was reported in 2004-05; I understand some of the Ninjatraders are facing/faced similar problems in the past. I have not tested if this is the case as I do not want to shut. The IQFeed thinks Zone Alarm is unlikely to be an issue as my settings are sufficient to allow the data plugin to work without any conflict. I also think ZA is not an issue.

In the Firewall Zone of the Zonealarm, I have given the IQFeed Connection Manager IP address as trusted.

In the Program Control, the AB and IQFeed applications' Trust Levels are super; the access (trusted and internet) and Server (trusted and internet) are allowed. I have also allowed access to Send Email.

I believe these settings are sufficient for the applications to function and the AB database to save without riksing any conflict from the Zonealarm.

I use Win7 64 bit on xw8600. The admin and user (myself) have full access plus ownership to drives C and G.

Virtualisation is not an issue. I have also done the installation outside of the Program Files without any issue.

Please advise whether any one is experiencing or experienced similar problems. I would appreciate any thoughts on the same.