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Thread: [SOLVED] Connection Reset? --> firefox proxy

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    Default [SOLVED] Connection Reset? --> firefox proxy

    Since installing ZoneAlarm Extreme my initial internet connection is slow to start receiving data and My browsers (IE and Firefox) both get a
    "Connection was Reset" warning. (I get it at and
    Then I have no ability to continue surfing.
    "The warning says the connection to the server was reset while the page was loading"
    At the bottom of the warning page in Firefox, it says to check my Firewall.
    I did not have this problem using another old Virus Program before I installed ZoneAlarm (The reason I came to ZoneAlarm was that I was using Nortons 360 and I was not happy with its control of my system).

    I have also removed, and then allowed 'Firefox' again in the Program Control.

    But I never got "The connection was reset" messages and a slower connection until I installed ZoneAlarm.

    So my question is...Is there a setting somewhere that I need to check or uncheck in ZoneAlarm that allows me to have a smooth internet browsing experience? Is my ZoneAlarm Firewall blocking something from allowing me to surf?

    Thanks for any help in advance!



    ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 9.1.603.00
    (Updated Virus & Spyware 24th June 2010)-Computer fully scanned

    Windows XP SP 3
    Firefox 3.6.3
    Wireless Broadband
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    Default Re: Connection Reset?


    Hi Guys,
    Just a solution to anyone having this problem.

    I had to try all avenues to begin with; my Internet Connection, my system, my Browsers and any added Firewalls (ZoneAlarm) or recently introduced software.

    My problem was not ZoneAlarm, my Service Provider or my Computer.
    My problem was Browser related.
    2 Things I had done differently in recent times which I had to suspect to start first, were....I had recently purchased ZoneAlarm & Updated FireFox. So I had to start with these Apps first.

    Anyway, speaking to my Service Provider, he told me to go to in FireFox..
    Tools---> Options ---> Advanced ----> (Network Tab) ----> Settings ----> and check "No proxy"

    Bingo!...sites like Facebook open everytime!

    Hope this helps someone in the future.

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