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Thread: Firefox being blocked

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    Default Firefox being blocked

    I am attempting to figure the problem on my parents' computer. They and the computer are five hours away and I have no way except telephone to try to fix the issue.

    Their computer is an XP with Firefox as the browser. They connect through a router. That's not the problem as other programs are connecting.

    I believe ZoneAlarm is blocking the latest upgrade of Firefox. They are able to get an internet connection and update both anti-spyware and anti-virus protection, but Firefox itself won't load.

    Sensing that it was ZoneAlarm blocking it and there being a combination of my lack of patience and their inability to do much work themselves to solve tech problems, I had them remove ZoneAlarm through add/remove programs for a quick fix.

    However, I'm reading that even while disabled, ZoneAlarm may still be able to block programs. Which I'm thinking may still be happening as Firefox still won't do anything.

    With ZoneAlarm uninstalled and no other internet browser installed, how do I/they go about adjusting the settings to allow the program?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swine the Mad View Post
    I had them remove ZoneAlarm through add/remove programs for a quick fix.
    If you have done the above then ZA is not anymore on the system and cannot block firefox.

    You may need to reset firefox profile and also double check that spyware infections have not compromised the system (and firefox).


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