I have WinXP SP-2. I upgraded free ZA from 8.0.298 to 9.2.044 at the end of May, 2010.

I immediately started having the following problems:
1. When I move a window over another window, the background becomes "smeared" & redraws slowly.
2. When I start up almost any program (even Solitaire), it takes a longer time to load than before & causes 100% CPU usage.
3. At times, when loading a program, my computer freezes.

None of these things happened before. I've checked for viruses, spy & adware, disabling & uninstalling other programs or services (I didn't associate the problem with ZA). I even tried upgrading my graphics drivers. None of these solved the problems.

I shut down ZA & vsmon (after unchecking "Protect the ZA client") & these problems went away.

I love ZA & have used it for more years than I remember & certainly don't want to switch. Any ideas for a fix?