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Thread: Slow Redraw & Excessive CPU Usage

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    Post Slow Redraw & Excessive CPU Usage

    I have WinXP SP-2. I upgraded free ZA from 8.0.298 to 9.2.044 at the end of May, 2010.

    I immediately started having the following problems:
    1. When I move a window over another window, the background becomes "smeared" & redraws slowly.
    2. When I start up almost any program (even Solitaire), it takes a longer time to load than before & causes 100% CPU usage.
    3. At times, when loading a program, my computer freezes.

    None of these things happened before. I've checked for viruses, spy & adware, disabling & uninstalling other programs or services (I didn't associate the problem with ZA). I even tried upgrading my graphics drivers. None of these solved the problems.

    I shut down ZA & vsmon (after unchecking "Protect the ZA client") & these problems went away.

    I love ZA & have used it for more years than I remember & certainly don't want to switch. Any ideas for a fix?


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    Default Re: Slow Redraw & Excessive CPU Usage

    This is usually driven by ZA corrupted settings or low resources available to ZA when running or conflicts with other applications.

    For the first case try to fully reset the settings, this way:

    1.) Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys together
    2.) Right click on the ZA icon near your clock in the system tray lower right corner
    3.) Choose 'Reset' from the box that comes up
    4.) Choose Yes on the Reset Settings dialog box
    5.) When prompted, choose OK to restart your system
    6.) Follow the on screen configuration prompts after reboot

    Do not change default and try the system.

    For the second and third problem try to boot the system selectively, This way:

    1.) Click Start -> Run
    2.) Type MSConfig in the run box and click OK
    3.) Once in MSConfig, click the Startup Tab
    4.) Remove the checks from everything except ZLClient
    5.) Click the Services Tab
    6.) Place a check in "Hide All Microsoft Services"
    7.) Now remove checks from everything other than TrueVector Internet
    Monitor and ForceField (if present), and click OK.
    8.) Restart your computer

    Still the same problem?

    Hope this helps.


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    phrab Guest

    Default Re: Slow Redraw & Excessive CPU Usage

    Hi Fax:
    Thank you for your quick response. Sorry I didn't answer sooner, but I'm still trying your suggestions. I tried your first method of resetting ZA. However, that didn't help.

    I then followed your second suggestion & it's a mixed bag so far. I found that by disabling all the non Microsoft services & all start up (except ZA & vsmon), that everything loads more quickly AND even loading pages on the internet is faster.

    There is one game that I still have a redraw problem with & I may try to uninstall & reinstall it.

    Of course, I don't have virus or spyware protection on either. I will try adding things back slowly & see what happens.

    2 Questions Please:

    1. If I were to post the list from msconfig, would you be able to tell me which ones I should try first (or do you know who would)? Otherwise, this will probably take me a few weeks, at least, because there are 56 items (including startup & services).

    2. If the service was checked, but stopped (i.e. not running), could that even cause a problem? If not, I can recheck those items (e.g. ipod service) because they start automatically when needed (assuming they aren't disabled.

    Thanks again!! I really appreciate this.

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    Default Re: Slow Redraw & Excessive CPU Usage

    1. Not really, I would not be able, sorry. Not sure what to suggest there. Just try to check back by group of 4 or 5. Starting from services then to the startup items. This will make it faster.

    2. Stopped is not disabled, so yes they can still create problems (in theory).


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