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    kevpc Guest

    Default how to allow permanent network access

    more advice needed if possible guys, please. hope i am describing this correctly.
    my computer is the main machine and is hard wired to my router. my wife's laptop connects wirelessly. with the new 057 free, every time i connect to the internet, it keeps finding a new network and asking if i want to allow it to the trusted zone or internet zone. i click on trusted zone and a tick is in a box for zone alarm to configure (network?) access automatically. however, every time i disconnect from the internet, clean the machine of cookies etc, when i reconnect to the internet, zone alarm gives the same message. is there a way of giving permanent access to the network or must i allow every time? what i get in Zone Alarm is this:

    Name IP Address/Site Entry Type Zone
    New Network ***.***.*.*/ Network Trusted
    DHCP Server ***.***.*.* IP Address Trusted

    Right click on ‘New Network’ row gives a box with ‘add, remove, edit. Move across from ‘Add’ and get ‘Host/Site, IP Address, IP Range, Subnet. Which do I want? What do I put in? I have replaced the IP address numbers with '*' myself.

    sorry to appear thick but didn't have this happen with previous versions of zone alarm free. if cant sort out, will have to revert to previous 044 again.

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    kevpc Guest

    Default Re: permanent network access

    as no one is either having the same problem or dont know the answer, i have had no choice but to remove 057 and reinstall 044 on XP. everything fine again. i think there is a problem with this release and it needs checking out, unless someone can suggest the answer. not prepared to risk it atm on win 7 in case the slow shut down is still present. would be grateful of feedback if all ok tho'

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