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    Default Zone Alarm Free is Incompatible With Windows 7

    I have seen several posts by users making the general statement that ZA is compatible with Windows 7. We need to slow down on that one and not get ahead of our headlights. I have just purchased and set up a new Dell XPS Studio 9000 with an Intel i7 960 processor at 3.2 GHz and 12 GB RAM - a good machine. But having been a big fan and religious user of ZA since 2000, I am sorry to report two major failures, one of which I consider catastrophic, when trying to install ZA Free ver 9.1 with my new PC.

    Both of these problems have been cited in other locations in this forum. The first one, the lesser one, causes an error to show up in Windows Device Manager with the name "Teredo Tunneling". From reading other posts, this seems to be associated with the Windows 7 Homegroup feature for setting up shared workgroups on networks. Evidently, the paid versions of ZA include a checkbox switch for ipV6 that, if selected, gets rid of the error. But that checkbox is not available on ZA Free, so it is a ZA Free incompatibility with Windows 7.

    The second problem, the one I consider catastrophic, is that ZA installation destroys the ability to use Windows Restore. I could not believe, when I expereinced this error, that ZA was ever allowed to be released with this incredibly serious bug. Ever since Restore was introduced on Windows XP (or was it Me?), it has become an absolutely critical part of every Windows user toolbox.

    These problems are highly repeatable. I used the diagnostics partition on my Dell tio reset to factory settings roughly 10 times. I tried installing ZA early in the setup process, mid-way through the setup process, and near the end of the setup process, and each time, the ZA intstall caused these two errors.

    Are there any ZA moderators out there that can tell us when ZA will be fixed? Until it is, I consider ZA to be an application that is 100% INcompatible with Windows 7. Highly recommend these major issues be posted on the CNET download page until resolved. Better yet, highly recommend you suspend downloads of ZA until these issues, especially the Restore bug, are resolved.
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