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Thread: Modem router block with ForceField

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    agridoc Guest

    Default Modem router block with ForceField

    The problem appeared with Zone alarm Extreme but, as it was confined to Browser Security, I believe it's a ForceField component issue.

    I was trying to connect without success to

    After quite some struggling , I concluded that ZoneAlarm Extreme security software blocks the site after a few clicks and, a crazy thing, it blocks the modem router.

    To be able to reconnect I had to reset the modem, wait for Internet connection to be reestablished, then a few clicks then the modem was blocked again.

    It was a long story of searching, contacting my ISP provider, testing with three PCs, two desktops with XP, one with Vista, one with Ethernet two with wireless connection, plus blocked two other modems, two ISP providers. One may find more in

    The conclusion

    What setting affects (the site of the host has the same behavior) with ZoneAlarm Extreme.

    Browser security -> Settings -> Advanced
    Enable site status check <- Must be checked off

    Blocking a site can happen for various reasons but blocking the modem router is an at least unexpected, if not undesirable, behavior for a security software.

    ZoneAlarm support is informed, however they could not reproduce the issue.

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    Default Re: Modem router block with ForceField

    Sorry all users here you need to keep posting back to official support.
    I have no issues accessing that site.


    Click here for ZA Support
    Monday-Saturday 24x6 Pacific time
    Closed Sundays and Holidays

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    agridoc Guest

    Default Re: Modem router block with ForceField

    Official support is informed and I have found a solution in settings.

    I have posted here because

    - The solution might be helpful to someone having troubles accessing a specific site.

    - If more cases are found and collected might help Check Point to find how this is caused.

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