I tried posting this issue with another Windows 7 issue in another thread, but the second issue got all the attention. Therefore, I have put it in its own thread.

I have just purchased and set up a new Dell XPS Studio 9000 with an Intel i7 960 processor at 3.2 GHz, 12 GB RAM and Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Being a big fan and religious user of ZA since 2000, I am sorry to report a major issue about how ZA Free is corrupting the Windows Restore function.

I have found that the ZA Free installation destroys the ability to use Windows Restore. The problem is highly repeatable. I used the diagnostics partition on my Dell to reset to factory settings roughly 10 times. I tried installing ZA early in the setup process, mid-way through the setup process, and near the end of the setup process, and each time, the ZA intstall caused Windows System Restore to stop working.

Does anyone know how to contact Check Point about this problem? This is very serious and could cause some of our fellow ZA users serious problems in System recovery if they are not aware of this problem. I have not been able to find muchy discussion on the Forum about this problem other than to confirm other people are having it.