Zone Alarm Free
Windows XP SP2

I just downloaded and installed the new version and there is a new behavior that I really don't like, mainly because it's not very logical.

Every time I run a program, no matter what it is, Zone Alarm adds it to the Program control list. This makes policing the list a tiresome task. The only programs I want to see in the list are ones that have requested access to the internet. So that my list will show either a check or an "X" next to it. I have no need for 30-40 entries of programs that do not access the internet with "?" after it.

The only time Zone Alarm should add the program to the list is when it requests internet access. Why, oh why, do I need the Windows Calculator in the list? Along with about 30-40 other programs that I use regularly that don't access the internet.

When I'm having a problem with my computer and I need to check internet access, I'd rather look through 15-20 entries that 55-60.

Is there any way to turn off this option and only have Zone Alarm add the programs upon internet request?