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    Forcefield and Firefox were working fine, then I ran into a problem that a lot of other people have with firefox-history wouldn't save, search bar wouldn't work, couldn't add bookmarks, etc.

    Finally I found a solution to the problem, entering "firefox -P" in Run, then creating a new profile.

    Firefox worked fine after I did that, except Forcefield wasn't there on the working profile. However, there is a check mark next to "Zone Alarm Forcefield" in View--->Toolbars. Like in another post, when I unchecked it I received an error, "Component returned failure code".

    Forcefield is there and works when I don't enter the command into run that makes the profile selctor show up, but the default profile is the one that doesn't work right. What I'm trying to is get Forcefield in the Firefox profile that works right. Does anyone know what I should do?

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    See below the standard procedure to fully reset firefox and make it work with forcefiled

    Also note this below to avoid future corruption of firefox profile:


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