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Thread: [SOLVED] Internet Explorer does not ask for permission in ZA... Why?

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    Liz777 Guest

    Question [SOLVED] Internet Explorer does not ask for permission in ZA... Why?

    ZoneAlarm (Free)
    Windows XP - Service Pack 3

    Most if not ALL programs when they are set to ASK for permission ask for Permission... but that doesn't seem to apply to Internet Explorer.

    In the older versions of ZoneAlarm this worked correctly.

    At home and at work, I want the OLD behaviour which is to have ZoneAlarm ASK for permission for Internet Explorer is launched if I have it set to ASK!!!

    However if I tell ZoneAlarm to block Internet Explorer that gets enforced.

    My home PC is used to play stuff online and many ill-behaved programs launch Internet Explorer WITHOUT my permission.

    In the past with the ASK option I could prevent Internet Explorer from going to some unrequested web page by blocking the access... NOT any more... Seems that ZoneAlarm has adopted a poor policy of giving Internet Explorer unfettered access when that is NOT the wanted or nor the expected behaviour!

    I shouldn't have to BLOCK Internet Explorer then manually have to change it to ASK to get it to work!

    Please fix this as soon as possible or at least give me the controls back!


    Using Microsoft's Firewall is something this long time Software Developer (over 32 years) simply doesn't trust... It is like giving the fox unrestricted access to the chicken coop and not expecting the fox to be a fox... in other words, expecting the fox not to eat the chickens.

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    Default Re: Internet Explorer breaks the rules in ZA... Why?


    This is by design the behavior your seeing with IE and in-fact all MS trusted applications.

    You can turn this off in the client, BUT ZA will be more noisy with more pop-ups and may cause issues with applications being mis-configured and may result in them not working. So disabling this feature is NOT recommended unless your an expert user.

    But if you wish to turn this off:
    Open ZA
    Click Program Control > Main
    Click the Advanced button
    Uncheck Allow certified Microsoft programs to run automatically.
    Click OK

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    Liz777 Guest

    Cool Re: Internet Explorer breaks the rules in ZA... Why?

    Thanks for the quick response. After 32 years of Computer Programming, Not sure that I would call myself an "Expert User"... "Well Seasoned User" or "Savvy User" perhaps. Problem solved.

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