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Thread: Can't open multiple Firefox windows with ZoneAlarm Toolbar enabled

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    Default Can't open multiple Firefox windows with ZoneAlarm Toolbar enabled

    My searching turned up a lot of people with this problem, and it seems that the standard answers are that it was fixed in version x or its your Add-Ons.

    I'm running Firefox 3.6.6 and just installed ZoneAlarm Anti-Virus 9.1.507.000. My Firefox Add-Ons are: Java Console 6.0.7, 6.0.13, 6.0.15, 6.0.17, 6.0.20; Microsoft.NET Framework Assistant 1.1; XUL Runner 1.9.1; and ZoneAlarm Toolbar

    If I disable ZoneAlarm toolbar then I can open multiple Firefox windows. If I enable it, I cannot.

    Seems to me that the problem hasn't been fixed, and if my set of Add-Ons is causing a problem, then there seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the ZoneAlarm Toolbar for Firefox.

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    Default Re: Can't open multiple Firefox windows with ZoneAlarm Toolbar enabled

    Try this link..

    Also, Here is a Link to a Newer version of ZA Anti-Virus,

    as well as a list of all the Fixes to ZAAV..

    ZoneAlarm Antivirus updates
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    Default Re: Can't open multiple Firefox windows with ZoneAlarm Toolbar enabled

    First thing I did after installing ZoneAlarm was to run a Super Scan with the ignore larger than 8MB option turned off. It hung at 99%. C: = 1.4 TB two disk RAID 0, S: 24 GB swap partition sharing drive with R: 670 GB, U: 700 GB. I then performed Super Scans of each individual drive one at a time error free. The malware found was mostly in my current and archived junk mail and trash mail folders. Nothing of significance found, except remnants of a Trojan that I had already removed by hand.

    I installed the latest ZA AV 9.1.603.000. This step is a bit annoying, as I had twice already told ZA to update itself!

    I did a clean install of Firefox, and even tried a new profile just because you asked. No change.

    Behavior is still the same. ZA Toolbar enabled = can't open second window. ZA Toolbar disabled = can open multiple windows.

    Note: With this new version of ZA intsalled, when I exit Firefox, I can't restart it, because it leaves the process running in the background. I have to end the process with Task Manager in order to restart Firefox. With the ZA Toolbar disabled, Firefox exits properly.

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