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Thread: [SOLVED] How do I Uninstall toolbar from Firefox-> Firefox prefs. keyword.URL

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    Atsot Guest

    Default [SOLVED] How do I Uninstall toolbar from Firefox-> Firefox prefs. keyword.URL

    I have removed the toolbar through Windows' Add and Remove Programs. I then attempted to remove the toolbar through Firefox's Tools -> Add-ons, but the remove button is greyed out, and the toolbar still does a Conduit search upon typing "Facebook" or "Google" on google instead of going straight to or (normal behaviour).

    How do I remove this?

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    Atsot Guest

    Default Re: How do I Uninstall toolbar from Firefox

    I also restarted the browser before and after uninstallation.

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    Default Re: How do I Uninstall toolbar from Firefox

    Not using the free version but I guess you need to remove and re-add the search engine...

    See here for various methods:

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    Default Re: How do I Uninstall toolbar from Firefox

    NOTE: This post is to assist this ZA user. I have included some additional information for this user only regarding other recent problems that the user may encounter with Firefox finding the correct page from single word entries in the Firefox URL/location bar. I do not intend to offend anyone by posting technical information about Firefox in this forum, I am just attempting to assist this ZA user.

    So, when you type facebook in the URL/location bar, you get a conduit search page? Have you tried resetting the Firefox preference keyword.URL?

    Reset keyword.URL pref
    -Enter about:config in the address/URL bar and press the Enter key
    -If you see a warning, accept it (Promise that you will be careful)
    -Filter = keyword.url
    (NOTE: If the line for keyword.URL in the lower part of the screen is not in bold, then this probably will not solve your problem. You can proceed if you wish to reset the preference to the Firefox default for URL/location bar searches, which is Google)
    -The value in the lower part of the page for keyword.URL probably refers to conduit search and the Status probably shows user set
    -Below the Filter, right-click on keyword.URL and choose "Reset"
    -The Value column should now change (to something Google, the Firefox default) and the Status should change to default
    -Restart Firefox (File > Restart Firefox)


    NOTE: Due to a recent Microsoft update, some Firefox users are experiencing a re-direct to Bing search when entering single words in the URL/location bar. Some have found that instead of single words like facebook, entering face book in the URL/location bar and Firefox takes them directly to Facebook. If you experience the Bing problem, there are some suggested solutions on the Firefox forum:
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    Atsot Guest

    Default Re: How do I Uninstall toolbar from Firefox

    Many thanks for the help, the problem is solved.

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