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Thread: network adapter gone after Aborted Install of ZA Free

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    Default network adapter gone after Aborted Install of ZA Free

    I was running ZoneAlarm version 9, no problems. I got a popup asking me to install a new version. This wouldn't go away, so I eventually tried to install the new version, from the CNET websie. During this process, I was asked to permit deletion of the old version - I clicked on OK. About halfway through installing the new version, everything froze. The install window showed Not Responding, so I aborted the installation, and tried to download again.

    However, I found that my internet connection had been disabled. After lengthy diagnostics, I find that my network adapters, both wireless and ethernet, have disappeared when I go to the cmd prompt and type in ipconfig/all .

    How can I get my network adapters back? This only happened during the aborted ZoneAlarm install, so the problem must lie there.

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    Default Re: network adapter gone after Aborted Install of ZA Free


    Download the following utility to remove all traces of ZA and that should bring your internet back. The utility will reboot your system once and finish uninstalling. I would suggest one more restart after that.

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