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Thread: win32 sality virus Get your FREE upgrade for better protection."

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    bobfree Guest

    Default win32 sality virus Get your FREE upgrade for better protection."

    I have just started getting a popup window with the following message
    "Security Alert. The win32Sality Virus disables antivirus and is spreading fast.
    The new ZoneAlarm Free Firewall has real-time threat data to protect against Sality and 1000's of new attacks every day. Get your FREE upgrade for better protection."
    There are options to update now or Remind me later in a number of days. The popup window will not close with the X in the upper right corner which seems a little strange.
    My question, is this a real update from ZoneAlarm that should be applied? If not, what actions, if any, should be taken.
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    Default Re: win32 sality virus

    Already posted here:
    zonealarm virus warning: fake or not? -> NOT

    Continue there if needed.


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