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Thread: ZAESS and False Postives

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    Default ZAESS and False Postives

    I have ZAESS with the latest updates loaded on an XP Home SP3 system. I was just doing a full system virus scan when the software detected HTML.Fraud.f in my Outlook PST file and quarantined it. At the same time it detected and quarantined bagle.cs in my wife's Outlook Express.

    Thinking this all seemed like too much action I checked the forums and found reference to at least one user with a problem with false detection of an infected pst.

    Not sure how to proceed here. If my pst is infected I have a backup from a day or so ago that might preceed all this. If it isn't I hate to start loosing info I might need.

    As far as the Outlook Express problem it is a little strange. The log file indicates that the deleted items folder was quarantined but I see no evidence of that.

    Help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: ZAESS and False Postives

    There is not much you can do than finding the infected e-mail or exclude the pst from the scanning of ZA to avoid loosing your entire pst.
    If any infection will try to execute from the e-mail it will anyway blocked by the ZA "on access" scan.


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    jerseydevil Guest

    Default Re: ZAESS and False Postives

    Thanks much. I just wasn't sure the pst was really infected.

    Since I made the initial post I restored the file. Then I opened Outlook, cleared my deleted mail folder, deleted anything else unecessary. Then I did another scan of just the pst file. Now ZASS is happy. Sooooo, false positive, dunno. I'll keep an eye on it. If the on access scanning prevents any unpleasant behaviour I should be ok.

    Now for my wife's Outlook Express

    Thanks again

    If anything interesting happens I'll post it.

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