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Thread: Update has lesser security?!

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    Default Update has lesser security?!

    When i did my most recent update of zonealarm, I realised a couple of things that i dont like.

    The first is the sitecheck on the toolbar. It used to warn me about putting information into google as well as some other sites. This was good, because google are well known for having no respect for peoples privacy. I often use google, but I felt i had a safety barrier that warned me about potential risks, and therefore a better informed opinion on wether to use the site.
    Now it lists the site as safe. As far as i am concerned, a site that stores personally identifiable information without consent should be classed as a security risk. Unfortunately, if google has no warning whatsoever, how many other sites that have no respect for privacy am i not being warned about?

    Also, when installing, it offers to also install 'google powered search'. I do not want the google cookie unless i specifically go to google manually, so i unchecked the box for that.

    When install was complete and i open firefox, there is a google powered search bar, even though i unchecked the box.

    Google is not the only site that collects personal information, that is now deemed as 'safe' after the last update. Is there some reason why sites that collect identifiable info are now classed as 'safe'?

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    Default Re: Update has lesser security?!

    Sorry this is a user forum, there is no ZA staff. I was personally never ever warned of security risk with any ZA retail versions when visiting google. Free version also uses the same forcefield database and it does not warn you about cookies or use of cookies. Not sure why you were, you may mix up with another product?

    In any case we have no influence on ZA design and we are only dealing with ZA product related issues. In general ZA is not designed to protect your privacy and has no specific privacy features. ZA products are focused on security related aspects. If you want you can feedback directly ZA customer support about it.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding and support. This thread is closed since outside the scope of this user support forum.

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