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Thread: Autmgr32.exe

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    claughaun Guest

    Default Autmgr32.exe

    This process is intercepting all internet access on a PC. Other security sites has identified it as part of a virus. What do you know about it? It seems to be located in C:\Document and Settings\USER\Local Settings\Temp and I can't delete it... how do I get rid of it and what spawned it? A SCAN doesn't pick it up...

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    claughaun Guest

    Default Re: Autmgr32.exe

    According to "Exterminate It" - it is associated with the TDSserv virus. Why doesn't zonealarm catch it? I can bypass the autmgr.exe by using the favorites button in EXPLORER. But if I try to access IE or Firefox directly then AUTMGR32.EXE jumps in - I have disabled it in Zonelalram so I get a warning message. I was able to delete the prefetch for autmgr32.exe but I can't delete the .exe.

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    claughaun Guest

    Default Re: Autmgr32.exe

    I tried ZA's online support chat. Dennis had no idea about the prob. He said AUTMGR32 is a valid MS program - which it is - but not when it runs from a LOCAL SETTINGS/TEMP directory. It also had a prefetch. I deleted the prefetch. I set it in ZA as disable. Everytime I tried to access the Internet, ZA trapped it. Dennis siad my ZA was out of date - even though I have auto update set. So I manually d/l the

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    claughaun Guest

    Default Re: Autmgr32.exe

    Great, my keyboard locked... so another PC. Anyway I d/l the update on another PC and put it on a CD. When I tried to run it on the infected PC, AUTMGR32 again jumped in and was stopped by ZA so the update didn't run. I right clicked update and clicked "start". It started to run. However, to install the update, ZA has to sut down. The second it shut down, AUTMGR32.EXE jumped in. A message said that my settings couldn't be brought forward and i could set everything up after the install. I tried to CANCEL but it didn't terminate. I tried to terminate the Application and Process in Task Manager but it wouldn't terminate. I shut down the PC. What next?

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    claughaun Guest

    Default Re: Autmgr32.exe

    I rebooted and the "old" 008 ZA came up. I ran a scan. It detected four malwares - however, my Task Manager was disabled (a bad sign) and warning messages started appearing saying someone was trying to steal my info and I should "click here" for protection. A message also said that I should shut down my "uncertified" ZA... I'm ignoring the messages and the scan is still running. I also have a malware removal program I d/l from a site recommended by ZA support. I'll try running it after the ZA scan finishes and then I'll retry the ZA upgrade to 063.

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    claughaun Guest

    Default Re: Autmgr32.exe

    My PC is back up. several explicit porn links on the DeskTop. Task Manager is disabled. ZA is up. I am now running Malwarebytes install and scan as per ZA support. BTW, AUTMGR32.EXE is back and being blocked by ZA. Apparently the "Delete on Reboot" didn't get rid of the malware.... Here's hoping Malwarebytes can...

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    claughaun Guest

    Default Re: Autmgr32.exe

    I've continued this in the SECURITY thread.

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    claughaun Guest

    Default Re: Autmgr32.exe

    Malware caught 13 infections. 12 were in the registry. When the scan finished the porn links on the Desk Top were gone - so far so good - it's rebooting now...

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    claughaun Guest

    Default Re: Autmgr32.exe

    Running the ZA update to 9.1.603 now - so far so good. I hope this helps someone else...

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    Default Re: Autmgr32.exe

    Ensure you run all the checks as detailed here:
    Malware Clean-up Guidance


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