Yesterday I updated our two PCs (Windows XP SP3 connected by a wireless network and Belkin router) to ZoneAlarm free version: All went well, and everything is working correctly across the network. However, a 'New Network' window appears asking to add the network/router to the trusted zone. When one does this and clicks on OK, the window reappears. If I click on Cancel then a normal ZA security alert window appears that like the original window cannot be closed or minimised. When I click on OK to this window, the original window reappears. There is apparently no way out of this loop.

Looking for solutions on the web, it seems that many have had this problem. The best suggested solution seemed to be to reset to the factory default conditions and then let ZA set itself up. I did this, and at first I thought the problem was fixed, but it soon reappeared.

I also looked at thread
However, under 'Advanced Settings' there is no 'Network Settings' tab only a 'Security' tab which does not have the options mentioned to include or exclude networks.

This is very annoying and I am thinking of returning to the previous version of ZA, unless I can soon find a solution.