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    elwoodp Guest

    Question Screen Capture

    I seek some insight on the 'Screen Capture' feature listed at teh bottom of the Diagnostics

    menu box.

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    Before I can help you, can you please provide the following information:
    ZoneAlarm Product Type (Free, Pro, Suite, etc?)
    ZoneAlarm Product version
    Windows OS version

    A screenshot of the window you describe would be useful as well.


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    elwoodp Guest

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    Thanks for responding. I appreciate your time!

    Screenshot: Dosen't appear to be an option thru this media. It's ZoneAlarm Free and the feature is the last one listed on the Zone Alarm Diagnostics Capture Utility

    My email is ~Snip~~

    Thanks again - Elwood
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    Hi elwoodp,

    This is a direct quote from the ZoneLabs moderator:
    This tool is to be only used when ZA support has specifically ask you to access this.

    There is no documentation or technical support help for it.

    Don't try to use it or you could cause your ZA install or system issues.
    So I'm afraid I can't help you much with this.
    But I'd wager that the 'Screen Capture' feature is used when ZA tech support needs you to take a screenshot of your screen for diagnostic purposes.


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