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    I'm developing a program that connects to the internet, and whenever I change, recompile and run it, I get a popup asking if I want to allow the program access to the internet. It is not very practical having to reconfirm this again and again every time I test the program.

    Can I tell ZoneAlarm not to check the program version/filesize/filedate, but only the filename/path in this instance?

    ZoneAlarm version:
    Windows XP
    Visual Studio 2010

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    Hi Flame02,

    Unfortunately, I do not think that is possible.

    You can opt to turn off the Program Control feature while developing your program. That will not compromise your inbound protection.


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    This is a function of only our Paid product versions. In those version you can change the properties of a program to be 'Changes Frequently' and then you wont be bothered with those pop-ups when in a development environment.

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