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Thread: ZA (Free) Network Adapter IP Subnet Change Not Recognised

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    Default ZA (Free) Network Adapter IP Subnet Change Not Recognised

    I use free ZoneAlarm on my laptop under Windows XP (SP3) and I have recently upgraded from v. to v. I use my laptop in 2 scenarios:

    1. Connected to a wired LAN which uses Windows DHCP (ie the ethernet adapter is assigned an IP address in the 192.168.0.x range)
    2. Connected direcly to another PC's ethernet adapter using an ethernet cross-over cable (ie the ethernet adapter is assigned an IP address in the 169.254.x.x range)

    However, once ZoneAlarm has added the network adapter it then ignores when the subnet of the IP address for that adapter changes (from 192.168.0.x to 169.254.x.x or vice-versa) - the Firewall->Zones tab still shows the Adapter Subnet associated with the previous IP address. I didn't have this problem in the 8.0 version, so I guess this is a bug that has been introduced in version 9.x.
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    Default Re: ZA (Free) Network Adapter IP Subnet Change Not Recognised

    "I have recently upgraded from v. to v."

    The latest ZoneAlarm Free Firewall release is
    ZoneAlarm free updates

    I suggest Uninstalling 9.2.044 and Install the Latest version keeping the Default install settings..

    If that does not fix your problem, then you can download the previous ZA Free 8.0 version that worked for you at the Download address above..

    Before you Uninstall your current ZA, UNcheck "Load ZA... at startup" (under Overview - Preferences tab)

    1.) Reboot the Computer. So that vsmon.exe/TrueVector will be removed from Memory

    2.) Now use the new ZoneAlarm Removal Tool: Click here

    Save to desktop, right click and "run as administrator" This tool will remove all ZoneAlarm products from your system.

    Please just download and run the tool, following the instructions. (you can un-install without net connections)

    3.) Now Install the new update (clean) and Accept the default Setting, Auto-Learn Mode and Choose Trusted Zone, not Internet Zone..

    Let me know if this works for you..
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    Default Re: ZA (Free) Network Adapter IP Subnet Change Not Recognised

    Re-installing will require re-booting, which I won't be doing for a while, but next time I do I'll download the latest version available at the time and see if the problem has been fixed.

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