When I updated my ZA free firewall yesterday it automatically installed two toolbars in Firefox that I hadn't asked for.

I was able to uninstall the "fluff" toolbar that seemed to mostly contain links to paid services -- though I don't really know -- I was so ticked off at having the toolbar installed without asking that I deleted it without trying it.

However, the second toolbar ("ZoneAlarm Security Engine - Safe Browsing Toolbar") has the "uninstall" option grayed out. I can't really figure out what this toolbar does, either -- it seems to be invisible.

I've seen links in other threads here to a "clean uninstall" tool which I guess will completely remove ZoneAlarm from my PC:


Do I need to use that to uninstall the toolbar (what a nuisance!) or is there another way to get rid of this un-asked-for toolbar?


BTW -- I used to use the premium, paid version of ZA, but as one of the "Guru" posts noted, the full ZA security suite doesn't play nice with other security tools, so I had to get rid of it.