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Thread: Unwanted Firefox toolars (two of them)

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    Default Unwanted Firefox toolars (two of them)

    When I updated my ZA free firewall yesterday it automatically installed two toolbars in Firefox that I hadn't asked for.

    I was able to uninstall the "fluff" toolbar that seemed to mostly contain links to paid services -- though I don't really know -- I was so ticked off at having the toolbar installed without asking that I deleted it without trying it.

    However, the second toolbar ("ZoneAlarm Security Engine - Safe Browsing Toolbar") has the "uninstall" option grayed out. I can't really figure out what this toolbar does, either -- it seems to be invisible.

    I've seen links in other threads here to a "clean uninstall" tool which I guess will completely remove ZoneAlarm from my PC:

    Do I need to use that to uninstall the toolbar (what a nuisance!) or is there another way to get rid of this un-asked-for toolbar?


    BTW -- I used to use the premium, paid version of ZA, but as one of the "Guru" posts noted, the full ZA security suite doesn't play nice with other security tools, so I had to get rid of it.

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    Default Re: Unwanted Firefox toolars (two of them)

    Hi rsteer,

    If you have selected the Custom Install option during installation, I *believe* you will have the option to not install the toolbars.

    The ZoneAlarm Safe Browsing Toolbar works with both Internet Explorer and offers a site check button - Click this and ZoneAlarm will check the web page's credentials, informing the user of the site's location, and whether it contains any known risks.

    To remove it in FireFox, click on Tools > Add-ons. In the list of Add-ins, disable (or uninstall) ZoneAlarm Toolbar. Restart Firefox.

    Let me know if this helped.


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