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    Hi I hope I am posting in the right place.
    I am the owner and operator of a worldwide real estate portal. We have launched our site and bought the domain less than 3 months ago. We have the trademark on this domain and over 20 other domains with the same name worldwide. I am getting a constant error message that 'This site is suspicious' I clicked through to get the screen where I clicked that I wanted to not be warned about this again and the message above is still there.
    I have used ZoneAlarm for over 6 years but this current update goes too far.

    Please tell me what I can do to establish the legitimacy of this website. You are impacting our site and will prevent our launch if users of your updated product come to our site. Also we will lose visitors when they are told our totally legitimate site is suspicious.

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    Hi hh209,

    I understand your predicament, but unfortunately this board is not monitored by ZoneLabs employees. We are all users helping each other.

    You can use the option in the screenshot below to stop being warned about a particular site.

    Also, I will quote the ZoneLabs moderator on this issue.

    In this case and ANY website that's reported like this our software is working as designed and there is NOTHING that can be done to change it.

    Its the fact the website if 3 month or newer.

    Its the unfortunate fact that hackers put up thousands of sites a day for malicious reasons so we rate any new website like this.

    We don't have the staff to evaluate every new website in the world daily.

    So we go with just telling you the website is 3 months old or newer and let the person surfing make a decision to go to that website or not.

    We never say there is a definite threat on the website.

    Forum Moderator

    Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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