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Thread: any info and solution for WinXP with 512mb ram??

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    naren Guest

    Default any info and solution for WinXP with 512mb ram??

    i have free zonealarm firewall latest i.e 9.2......57 on win7 64bit and winxp 32bit.

    in win7 64bit i dont get the new private connection window that i get in winxp 32bit. is it by design??

    winxp has 512mb ram and free zonealarm firewall requirement is 1gb ram. previous version 9.1........007 worked flawlessly, but the later versions of 9.2 i.e 9.2.........42,44 and now 57 when installed the bootup takes 4-5 mins. but if i install the latest zonealarm firewall pro it works perfectly fine. so whats the prob here?? any info and solution?? i dont think its the ram prob coz the earlier free versions and latest pro version works fine. this 9.2.......... series of free firewall gives this prob here (9.2.......beta worked flawlessly here). any solutions frds??

    winxp 32bit with latest updates
    zonealarm firewall free
    avast free


    p.s. one more thing to mention. may be it will help to solve the prob. sometimes the system starts normal otherwise 4-5 mins delay. the thing i have observed is that (when windows starts theres a windows sound right) if during the system start this window sound plays then the system starts normal, but if the sound does not plays then 4-5 mins delay to get to the desktop. is this of any help??
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