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Thread: Scan takes so long

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    annieokie100 Guest

    Default Scan takes so long

    I have Zone Alarm Security Suite on my desktop pc and my laptop.
    I am scanning my laptop now and so far it has been scanning for 2 hours 20 minutes and it's only scanned 53 %.

    Is there any reason why I should allow it to scan photos and data that I have entered myself each time I scan? Most data and photos are genealogy entries. Never others info. Only what I research myself.

    Can someone tell me how to program it so it won't scan every single thing each time. I need to be using the laptop and it ruins hours of my computer time when it takes so long to scan.
    BTW, no scan has never found a single problem with any data.
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Default Re: Scan takes so long

    Hi Annie,

    Did you change the default settings? Set it to Quick Scan.

    Also make sure you are running the most updated version (9.1.603.000).


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    annieokie100 Guest

    Default Re: Scan takes so long

    Thanks. I'll try that. It's still scanning. 3 hours 33 minutes, 87% done. Grrrrr.
    I always do a complete scan. Is the quick scan as good?

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    Default Re: Scan takes so long

    To put it simply, a Full scan will go through almost everything in your entire drive, whereas a Quick scan will typically scan common infection spots. For routine scans, a Quick Scan should suffice.

    Scan speeds may also depend on your system specs, disk space, etc.


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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Scan takes so long

    Just some additional info. This is from the ZA Help file:
    1. Select Anti-virus/spyware, and then click the Advanced Options button.

    2. In the dialog that appears, under Advanced Options, click Scan Mode.

    3. Choose a scan:

    Ultra Deep Scan - Slowest and most thorough. Scans all files, folders, and archive files (e.g., zipped files). Also includes heuristic scanning to detect malware not yet registered in databases. Note that heuristics that may occasionally result in false positive detections since it detects characteristics rather than signatures.

    Deep Scan - Very thorough. Recommended every six months or after exposure to a virus outbreak. Scans all files and folders. Skips archive files which pose minimal risk because they cannot self-activate.

    Normal Scan - Fast, default scan. Recommended as your regular scan mode. By skipping archive and non-executable files you get a quicker scan with minimal risk of missing viruses that could self-activate.

    Quick Scan - Fastest. Scans only Windows folders, Startup folders, and folders linked to startup items, which are common places for hackers to place viruses. (Programs in these folders can run automatically without permission, which creates the most risk.)
    After the Deep Scan that is performed just the first time after installing ZA, the Scan Mode should change to Normal Scan. That is where mine is set.

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:9.1.603.000
    TrueVector version:9.1.603.000
    Driver version:9.1.522.000
    Anti-virus engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:1021990688
    AntiSpam version:

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    annieokie100 Guest

    Default Re: Scan takes so long

    Well, it finally finished after 4 hours 28 minutes. . 67,700+ files. I updated to 9.1.603.000 and that took another 20 minutes. Now the darned thing is stuck at 73% on ZA\fde\fde.pem and has been there for a good 30 minutes.

    Me and Kaspersky may become good friends real soon.

    This is a totally ruined computer day.
    ZA is a good product as shown by my never having a bad thing get in the computers, but this scan and update are ridiculous.
    Gettin' cranky, I am.

    Is it safe to just turn the update off?

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    garywa Guest

    Default Re: Scan takes so long

    I'm not clear - what is stuck at 73%? You said the scan finished after 4+ hours

    What "update" are you asking about - virus definition file update, or are you updating your ZA program to the latest version

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    annieokie100 Guest

    Default Re: Scan takes so long

    Sorry. I went out, then took a needed nap.
    The update stuck at 73 percent. I finally gave up and X'd it out.
    Looks Ok now but haven't done much to test it. I can't find TrueVector on this ZASS. Even in the Index or the Search. I looked in the place that tells you what all your issue of Zone Alarm has and it's not listed in mine.
    Oh well, at least it's updated on one pc. I may leave it be on this one.
    Thanks for all the help.

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    annieokie100 Guest

    Default Re: Scan takes so long

    Sorry again. It stuck while updating to latest version, 9.1.603.000.
    Did that after the sloooooow scan.

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    Default Re: Scan takes so long

    I would advise taking the following steps for a trouble-free upgrade process.

    First, download and run the cpes_clean tool:
    This will do a clean uninstallation of ZoneAlarm from your system.

    Now you can download the latest version of ZoneAlarm Security Suite (9.1.603.000) from here:

    Follow the prompts to install, and then restart your PC.

    Let me know how it goes.
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