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Thread: Known Keyboard Issue: ZA-FF Standalone version

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    Exclamation Known Keyboard Issue: ZA-FF Standalone version

    Good morning gentlemen:

    Just like a few other posts on this forum and on other forums; I am sporadically having the issue of the keyboard output being garbled when logging back into my computer after the screensaver kicks in, or the computer comes back from sleep/hybernation.

    This issue is affecting both a PC using XP-SP3 and Vista 64bit-SP2.

    My PC is currently set to require a password on the Welcome Screen (the screen where you have your screen-name and a little avatar/picture next to it) when resuming from screensaver or sleep/hybernation. Typing passwords into ANY of the accounts will always result in an "incorrect password."

    Scans with 5 different anti-virus definitions, 3 different antispyware/antimalware scanners have detected nothing, HiJackThis! logs are clean, and this even still continues when reinstalled on freshly reformatted PC's.

    Just as others have noted, this issue never ever occurs during either a cold or warm boot-up of the computer; it only occurs when you must re-log back in after the screensaver or computer resumes from sleep.

    I can fix this if I disable fast-user switching; get rid of the Welcome Screen; or use the on-screen easy of access keyboard.

    I know this has been an issue with prior versions of Zone Alarm Extreme, but was corrected with the current version of ZA-extreme.

    Guru Fax has mentioned that this issue was fixed with current version; but has acknowledged that there are still those like myself who still report this issue.


    I've been using this program since its' release in 2008; is ZoneLabs no longer releasing updates for the standalone program? I would prefer to have regularly updated programs if I am to continue paying membership.

    Thank you for your time!
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    Default Re: Known Keyboard Issue: ZA-FF Standalone version

    Click this link for information on the Stand Alone version of ForceField..

    ZoneAlarm ForceField updates

    The latest ZoneAlarm ForceField release is

    ZoneAlarm has traditionally NEVER given release dates for there products.

    So we cannot give you a specific date.

    Also, This Forum exist to allow Volunteer experienced Zone Alarm Users to help the Few Users who encounter a problem with ZoneAlarm and need to be guided in the right direction..

    We are all Users here in this Forum, Checkpoint Staff do not normally Monitor this User Forum..
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