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Thread: Configuring ZA for printing over a router

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    WarnerP42 Guest

    Angry Configuring ZA for printing over a router

    I have a gateway / router that allows me to connect both my desktop and laptop computers (both Windows XP) to the Internet. My printer, a Cannon MX700 multifunction, is connected to the router as well to allow printing from both computer. Today, this set up stopped working for me. I also used to be able to access the printer's card reader. I reinstalled the printer drivers on my laptop while ZA and my anti-virus software were shut down. I was able to access the printer until I turned ZA back on. I have the IP address of the printer set in ZA to allow access. I would appreciate any help anyone can provide to get this working again.

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    rajthampi Guest

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    Why don't you try to add the IP address as trusted. Go to the alerts & logs. Click on log viewer, make sure alert type is selected as "firewall" and find out the entry which is blocked towards your printer's IP address. Right click and select Add to trusted zone.
    Unfortunately, ZoneAlarm free firewall doesn't allow you to create expert rules for any kind of traffic

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