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Thread: ZA 9.1 (vsmon.exe) Continuously d/l Stuff & Other Strange Happenings!

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    Default ZA 9.1 (vsmon.exe) Continuously d/l Stuff & Other Strange Happenings!

    I have the ZA 9.1 ISS installed. After leaking bandwidth,
    I decided to install NetLimiter. It is showing that vsmon
    a vital security component of ZA, is almost constantly
    downloading stuff.

    Sometimes it is 1-7 KBps. Other times it is as much as
    30 KBps!. The average comes out to about 8-10 KBps.
    The Process is (1172) and the IP address that's d/l
    all this stuff is:
    --> [This happens to be my DNS IP! ]

    When I studies the alert logs in ZA, IPs from all over the
    world are hitting the port that I have
    left open for bittorent. ZA seems to be blocking all of
    them. The funny thing is, the bittorent is closed and
    not even in use.

    What the heck is going on here ?. Is ZA protecting me
    from foreign intrusion attempts, and if it is, why is it d/l
    data from them and where is it all going ?. Anybody ?.

    Much obliged for any help in this regard.

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    Default Re: ZA 9.1 (vsmon.exe) Continuously d/l Stuff & Other Strange Happenings!

    Try to follow the same suggestions as indicated here:

    Vsmon is the interface to all your PC communication. Any process over-using the system will over-use vsmon.


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