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Thread: unwanted sites on History menu

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    Default unwanted sites on History menu

    I have used Zonealarm successfully for some years now but this week I have noticed that severeral websites which I have not knowingly accessed have appeared on my History list.
    The first was which first appears 3 weeks ago. then storage (which says it is a browser file) appears, and most recently flixster.conduit - apps has appeared. I deleted them from yesterdays list but they re-appeared later on. The icon on the History list appears to mean they have been passed as ok by zonelalarm. Is it ok? do I need to do anything. Are further sites likely to appear? Does it pose a threat potentially? Thanks.

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    as far as I know the ZAfree toolbar code is supplied by conduit. I guess then these are normal connections.

    If you do not want the toolbar uncheck it in a custom ZA install.


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