Freshly installed ZAXS 9.1.603.000 on fully updated XP SP3

'Program Control' is set to AUTO

'SmartDefense Advisor' is set to AUTO

under 'Custom' on 'Program Control', the only thing checked is 'Enable Microsoft Catalog Utilization'

My question is: Why are their no components listed under 'Components' in the 'Program Control' menu?

Intuitively, I would've thought that the components list would be filling out by 'learning' my system? Just for a test, I checked 'component control' to ON and brought up a browser and saw that a few components were then added to the list with a '?' by them (ask).

I guess I would've thought that ZA would be learning what components are 'OK' during this first 21 days!? (and adding them to the list as it does so)

It would seem to me that after the 21 days and I go to MAX, (and then turn ON component control), NO 'GOOD' COMPONENTS will have been 'learned' during the first 21 days?

Could someone please enlighten me as to what I'm missing as far as ZA "learning" what components should be marked as being 'OK' during this first 21 days? **OR** is there a problem in my installation because components should be showing up in the 'components list'?