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Thread: TrueVector glitching out WinAMP/Software Audio Console

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    Default TrueVector glitching out WinAMP/Software Audio Console

    Since there is no way to disable TrueVector and it is causing WinAmp to glitch when playing through Software Audio Console, how do I prevent TrueVector from causing the glitching? I have ZoneAlarm set to allow full connection for WinAmp and Software Audio Console, but every time I switch songs in WinAmp there is an obnoxious glitch sound. I would like to eliminate this if possible. When using this combination of programs, the computer is not connected to the internet anyway. It is on a private LAN with one other computer.

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    Default Re: TrueVector glitching out WinAMP/Software Audio Console


    can you post possibly a little more information about the configuration and what the steps are to reproduce?

    ZA version
    PC speed
    PC memory
    OS version including Service packs
    Version of software having issues.
    Exactly what is done to reproduce the issue in the application.
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