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    I am running XP Pro. As a note before I ask my question first...

    I did have 512mb RAM. I have a 2.66ghz processor, running on a Dell Dimension 4600

    When I upgraded to the new ZA Free version. My computer slowed down to a crawl. I could not run any more than two programs at one time. Plus only ran my AV when I checked mail, and downloaded from the internet. The one problem I had was the browser sucking up my resources. The other problem i had was with having not enough RAM.

    So i bought 2gbs of RAM and installed on my computer. Ditched my favorite browser FF. <sigh> then did some cleaning out of folders, un-necessary software, run defrag, and scan disk, Now it does not crash anymore. So for those looking for help check the stats of your computer, they very well could be the root to many of your problems.

    My questions is after doing all of this maintenance on my computer and the upgrade of RAM, now ZA free does not load at start up. I have to manually start it up. I checked to see if it was suppose to be loading at startup I never have messed with this setting, and it still is set as I always have had it to always load with windows. Ideas on why it is not loading? I do wait five minutes after everything else has loaded, and still no ZA. I checked also to be sure that malware is not the reason for this.

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    Probably a bad install of ZA. First remove ZA with the ZA removal tool (run it as administrator) then reinstall. You have probably not fixed all the issues in the system. Sometimes you can't avoid, for having everything working, to fully re-format and install fresh.

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