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Thread: TrueVector gone wrong on Windows 98

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    AndyHza Guest

    Default TrueVector gone wrong on Windows 98

    Running Win98, I don’t seem to have any other options: I am running a now long out-of-date version ZoneAlarm for the firewall (ZoneAlarm, like most companies, now has zero support for Win98). I once purchased a copy of ZoneAlarm Pro, but as I had no interest in anything except the firewall, I did not continue paying fees. I think what is on the computer now is a freeware version, installed from the ZoneAlarm web site. I updated it every now and again until one day the updates would not work on this OS.

    There has never been a problem in the many years of its use, but today the icon is suddenly a square with a big X. Putting the mouse cursor on it shows the message “TrueVector Security Service is Shut Down.”

    Anyone know what TrueVector is? The program help mentions the possibility of it running when “Zone Labs security software is not,” but says nothing else. Can I turn it back on to return to my normal operation?
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    Windows 98se/ME
    Support Discontinued

    On July 11, 2006, Microsoft will end support for Windows 98, 98SE and Me, which will have the resulting effect of making these operating systems less secure ( ). Windows 98/Me are older operating systems, and therefore inherently more vulnerable to attacks than newer operating systems. Now that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates to this operating system it will become increasingly prone to security vulnerabilities.

    Accordingly, Check Point will cease to support Windows 98/98SE/Me with the introduction of our version 6.5 ZoneAlarm family of products including ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite, ZoneAlarm® Pro, ZoneAlarm® Antivirus, ZoneAlarm® Anti-Spyware, and ZoneAlarm®.

    Note about pre-6.5 products: Pre-6.5 products will continue to run on the Windows 98/98SE/Me operating system. However, there are a few new and advanced protection features in ZoneAlarm products that will not run due to technical limitations of this operating system. ZoneAlarm strongly recommends upgrading to a supported and current version of the Windows operating system.
    ZoneAlarm may end services to pre-6.5 products at any time.
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    AndyHza Guest

    Default Re: TrueVector gone wrong on Windows 98

    Whatever the problem, a full power off re-boot (vs a warm re-boot) got it back to (seemingly) normal.
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